Pakhuis Wilhelmina

Available studio's

Per 1 maart 2019* komt vrij: Atelier A2-6b 

Groenhoedenveem 26b (architecten gedeelte)

adres                           Groenhoedenveem 26b                    
grootte                         41,60 m2 (€ 8,28 p/m) 
huur                             €  344,45
servicekosten              €    50,00
contributievereniging    €      5,90 
Schoomaakkosten     €  10,85  
netto huur                       €  411,20
BTW                                 €    86,35
Totaal huur                      €  497,55

* Deze bedragen zijn zonder de eventuele verhoging van de huur en/of contributie in januari.
* Indien mogelijk zou de nieuwe huurder al eerder in de ruimte kunnen. 

Geïnteresseerden kunnen tot  25 december per mail reageren.
mail: toecie(at)pakhuiswilhelmina.nl


Per 1 april 2019 komt vrij: Atelier C2-C

Het gaat om een donker atelier (blinde muur voor het raam)

grootte                            52,68 (€ 3,26 p/m) 
huur                                €  171,74
servicekosten                 €    38,00
contributie vereniging   €      5,90 
netto huur                       €  215,64
BTW                                €    45,28
Totaal        huur             €  260,92
*het atelier kan eventueel eerder dan 1 april verhuurd worden

Geïnteresseerden kunnen tot 22 januari per mail reageren.
mail: toecie(at)pakhuiswilhelmina.nl

Contact Toecie


Unfortunately there are many more studio - seekers than available studios, therefore we have a pool - a waiting list. Thus, in order to qualify for a studio you’d have first to be selected to the pool.

In your application for a studio - the pool, please provide us with the following information:

  • general information about yourself; cv
  • discipline
  • links to websites and to other (audio-visual) information concerning your work
  • practice information; which kind of activities are expected to be performed in the studio
  • desired work conditions (size space, light conditions, etc.)

Subsequently will the Appointing Committee of Pakhuis Wilhelmina decide upon your acceptance to the pool (waiting list), and eventually upon renting a studio in Pakhuis Wilhelmina. They gather once a month, so it can take several weeks before a decision is made.


PW (-Pakhuis Wilhelmina) renters that want to move up within the building precede external candidates, according to following criteria:

  • Renters of ’dark’ studios - caused by the construction of the Chicago-building, have precedence over other renters of the building.
  • Renters of completely dark studios have precedence over renters of so called ‘half dark’ studios (-studios of which not all the windows face the blind walls of Chicago). This applies only to renters that rented their presently-dark studio before 2007 (- the building of Chicago).
  • Renters with the longest rent-duration (- starting on the date of the rental-contract of their last intern move) in principle precede other candidate-renters. The difference of rent-duration between candidates should then be at least one year.

When here above criteria do not provide sufficient grounds for decision, the PW’s Association-board (-Verenigingsbestuur), advised by the Appointing-committee (-toecie), will ultimately make the appointment of a candidate.


  • Renters that signed their rental contract less than one year ago do not qualify to move up within the building, unless there are no other internal candidates.
  • ‘Renters of renters’ (- mede - en onderhuurders) have no precedence over external candidates whatsoever.