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Meisner Course with UK Master Tom Radcliffe



Dates: 5 days: Monday October 2nd – Friday October 6th / Daily 10.00 – 15.00

We are incredibly proud to bring over from the UK one of the masters of the Meisner Technique for acting by a student of Sanford Meisner himself: Tom Radcliffe.

The aim of the Meisner Technique is to bring the actor back to his emotional impulses and to acting that is firmly rooted in the instinctive. It is based on the fact that all good acting comes from the heart, as it were, and that there’s no mentality to it.”

Learn to live in the moment as an actor, and let go of any idea of result. Learn what it means to really do and to respond truthfully to a given moment based on what you get from your partner. Through improvisation, emotional truth and personal response learn to resonate authenticity within a given circumstance. Only in this way will you begin to understand the definition of real acting, which is to live truthfully under the imaginary circumstances.

Tom Radcliffe studied acting at the Central School of Speech and Drama from 1984 -87 and then worked as an actor in film, TV and theatre until 1997. He began to study with Sanford Meisner In Los Angeles in 1991 and has been teaching the Meisner Technique now for 20 years. The encounter with Sanford Meisner changed the course of my life and turned me into a conscious seeker of truth and freedom.

His aim in teaching is to liberate the student to think, create and act for themselves. He hopes to empower them to create strongly and beautifully, with joy and integrity and does this by teaching the Meisner Technique faithfully as it was taught to him while also adding his own flavour which comes from his own search for truth in life and art.

This course is suitable for all stage performers such as storytellers and actors of all levels. Tom will be working on the foundations of the technique, no preparation is required.

Dates: 5 days: Monday October 2nd – Friday October 6th / Daily 10.00 – 15.00
Price: € 375,-
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