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In this challenging course will work with you on the foundations of storytelling as a performance art.

We will work in two fundamental ways:

from the inside out, finding the personal relevance and the emotional connection between the teller and the stories being told, and from the outside in, using techniques such as structure of a story and the use of language. How do these two approaches complement each other? Imagine a river. It needs a shape to keep from water spreading and disappearing into the ground. That is the outside in. But it also needs the stream of the water otherwise the shape will remain dry. That is the inside out.

The same goes for storytelling; if both movements exists, the art becomes alive.

Here are some of the elements and methods we will cover during the course:

Outside in:
– Story structure.
– Building imagery.
– Working with language.
– Saying more with fewer words.
– Working on body language and voice.

Inside out:
– Personalizing a story.
– Emotional freedom.
– Humanly understanding the core of the story.
– Developing the flexibility to work in different stages and circumstances without losing the power and essence of the story.
– Creating truthful contact with the audience.

At the course we will also dedicate some time to work as an ensemble with a professional theatre director in order to investigate connections between the storytelling and the theatre world.

Another element of the course will be being your own producer. How do you find new audiences? What does it mean to do the PR for your own shows? How can you initiate new opportunities and create your own work?

At the end of the course each student will create and perform his own individual storytelling piece (up to 30 minutes) and perform at theatre Podium Mozaïek.

Dates 2017: April 3rd till June 30st. This is a fulltime course, from Monday till Thursday, 10 AM – 4 PM. Fridays: 10 AM – 1 PM.

Price for this course: € 1850,- (in special cases we offer bursaries, contact for info)

Language: English


Please send an email to Raphael (raphaelosun(at)gmail.com) with answers to the following questions:

1 Tell us a bit about yourself (age, cultural and artistic background, etc)
2 Tell us about your experience in the performing arts.
3 Can you describe for us your latest project and your role in it?
4 What brings you to do a professional course in storytelling?



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