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no studios available now

If you want to apply for a studio when such becomes available, you need to be addmitted to the pool of candidates first.


In order to qualify for a studio you must

  • be a professional independantly working artist, designer or crafter
  • you will not also have a studio somewhere else
  • you will be actually working in the sudio for the majority of your working week
  • you want to be an active member of our association
  • if you want to share the studio, the others need to qualify also

to be accepted as candidate please submit the application form


selection procedure

the Appointing Committee of Pakhuis Wilhelmina 'Toecie' will review your application and decide upon your qualification as candidate.

The Toecie gathers once a month, so it can take several weeks before a decision is made.

After submitting the form

  • you will receive an auto-reply confirming the application
  • You can return to this page to change details in your application, untill the application has been reviewed
  • after the committees gathering, you will receive the out come, by email