Krien Clevis


Krien Clevis has been active as an artist, researcher and curator.

As a lecturer in the Arts Faculty Maastricht, she teaches Artistic Research in the Fine Arts (BFA/MFA) department.

She is involved in a post-doc project at the Lectureship Autonomy and Public Sphere in the Arts at the same faculty.
Here she developped an artistic research project, TRANSITION ZONE, where young artists, in collaboration with stakeholders of the transformation process the ENCI-area, do research in this area.

In Rome she has performed research on the Via Appia Antica, in collaboration with archaeological researchers from Radboud University Nijmegen and the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome.

She earned a PhD by writing a dissertation, entitled 'LOCVS. Memory and Transience in the Representation of Place: From Italic Domus to Artistic Environment' (Amsterdam: Jan de Jong/De Buitenkant, 2013,
ISBN: 978 94 90913 38 0).
This PhD project was devoted to artistic research of the notion of quality of ‘place’, through a consideration of archaeological and other debates on place and study of the physical and qualitative features of place, especially in historical sites.

As an artist she creates new places of meaning: places caught within a dynamics of change and subject to being overwritten all the time.
Major concepts in her research are genius loci, palimpsest and lieux de mémoire. By combining artistic, historical/archaeological and personal exploration of locations, she aims to add new meanings to the multi-layered dimension of places.