Marjo Postma

Before Marjo Postma went to the Rijksacademy she studied TEHATEX, a teacher training for drawing and textiles. After two years Rijksacademy she won the Prix de Rome prize for Free Grafics. The images that Marjo Postma ‘captures’ in her work are the report of her dreams, adventures and encounters, of what her eyes see and her spirit fabricates. Captured images, not clearly realistic, but adapted, deluted, thickened, halved, cut, stretched, diminished, detoured, enlarged, flattened join together on paper or canvas. Her thoughts wander and weave and what she sees she adapts in her own style: recognisable forms will be seen as details in a new form, constructions can become living creatures. A fishmarket, a salamander, a power socket, coral, a fat belly, jellyfish or a Roman arch, the motives intertwine and create a new total, the mostly organic fantasy world unfastens from reality. Looking at her work, you can travel into a new world, with no directions, no beginning and no end. For her drawing is like thinking with the pencil, traveling in the endless ocean, where the fantasy has no limits.