Peter Vink


Peter Vink was born in de Bilt (Netherlands) in 1974 and is a graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He is known for his temporary and permanent installations in public and private spaces and regularly receives commissions from public institutions, such as the Dutch government's building department.

Peter Vink has an extraordinary ability to understand space, to deal with it and to transform it into something new and unprecedented. His temporary studio is the place where he works, and his interventions highlight (literally and metaphorically) and draw attention to elements of this particular space that the viewer's eye has not seen before and that the mind often takes for granted and ignores.

The artist's work is site-specific, and his visual manipulation of the site emphasizes its architectural elements, enhancing its appearance through a play with scale, sometimes reduced and muted, sometimes enlarged and oversized in relation to the dimensions of the surroundings. Architectural, minimalist and innovative, Peter Vink and his interventions understand the spirit of a place and bring it back to life, reinventing and rediscovering it.