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There are no available studio's at the moment. Please check our website once in a while to stay informed.


Beste bezoeker, 

We zijn momenteel de Poollijst aan het opschonen en hebben alle mensen op die lijst een mailtje gestuurd. Als je GEEN mail van ons hebt gehad, maar WEL tot de poollijst bent toegelaten, wil je ons dat dan zsm, maar in ieder geval vóór 7 november 2018 laten weten? 

Dankjewel alvast en met groet, 

De toewijzingscommissie van Pakhuis Wilhelmina

Contact Toecie


t.a.v. Sander de Bok
Groenhoedenveem 2
1019 BL Amsterdam


Unfortunately there are many more studio - seekers than available studios, therefore we have a pool - a waiting list. Thus, in order to qualify for a studio you’d have first to be selected to the pool.

In your application for a studio - the pool, please provide us with the following information:

  • general information about yourself; cv
  • discipline
  • links to websites and to other (audio-visual) information concerning your work
  • practice information; which kind of activities are expected to be performed in the studio
  • desired work conditions (size space, light conditions, etc.)

Subsequently will the Appointing Committee of Pakhuis Wilhelmina decide upon your acceptance to the pool (waiting list), and eventually upon renting a studio in Pakhuis Wilhelmina. They gather once a month, so it can take several weeks before a decision is made.


PW (-Pakhuis Wilhelmina) renters that want to move up within the building precede external candidates, according to following criteria:

  • Renters of ’dark’ studios - caused by the construction of the Chicago-building, have precedence over other renters of the building.
  • Renters of completely dark studios have precedence over renters of so called ‘half dark’ studios (-studios of which not all the windows face the blind walls of Chicago). This applies only to renters that rented their presently-dark studio before 2007 (- the building of Chicago).
  • Renters with the longest rent-duration (- starting on the date of the rental-contract of their last intern move) in principle precede other candidate-renters. The difference of rent-duration between candidates should then be at least one year.

When here above criteria do not provide sufficient grounds for decision, the PW’s Association-board (-Verenigingsbestuur), advised by the Appointing-committee (-toecie), will ultimately make the appointment of a candidate.


  • Renters that signed their rental contract less than one year ago do not qualify to move up within the building, unless there are no other internal candidates.
  • ‘Renters of renters’ (- mede - en onderhuurders) have no precedence over external candidates whatsoever.